Mid-Week Inspiration: My New Haircut!

I am a little hesitant about this post as I don't write about myself that often on this blog. I am also hesitant about posting pictures of myself up without wearing a trace of make-up. Since I have injured my right hand, I haven't been able to use my normal staples of liquid eyeliner and mascara. It's been 2 months now and I still can't open my favorite lip gloss! Not only has make-up become a chore, but so did taking care of my waist length hair. (You can see a before photo in this older post, taken a week and a half before my accident.) Unable to tame the developing rat's nest I took the plunge and had cut off about 10"-12" of my hair! The photo above, from January Vogue, was my inspiration. Of course my hair is not platinum blonde. It is not stripped of all it's pigment and therefore does not have the texture of the photo I brought to my stylist. So I have a silkier version of that cut, and I like it! Have a look!
My long locks shown here were donated to Locks of Love!

So there it is and I have to tell you it is so much easier for me to deal with, with my one hand. I am looking forward to this spring so when my right hand is back in use I can play with it more-please pray! Pin-curls? That will be fun!