My View: September 2015

My View: A monthly series summarizing my top 5 notables & current obsessions. 


1. Most think of September as the start of Autumn. For me, I like to think of it as prolonged Summer. Labor Day and those final summer weekends bring on the effort of getting in as many summer activities as possible that you might not have a chance to do again until next year. If you're lucky and it's still warm out where you live it can keep going all month! Get that sun, get that ice cream! Finally I went to Morganstern's, here in New York City. I'm obsessed. 

2. Watch: The True Cost. Available on Netflix. This documentary will change the way you shop. Avoid fast fashion, shop handmade and vintage. Well, if you read this blog you most likely already do! 


3. Vogue has launched Vogue Runway. Just in time for fashion week. You can get a daily dose of fashion articles and runway footage. A must read; 7 Life Lessons From Iman. She's amazing!


4. Check out a rare glimpse into Marilyn Monroe's NYC apartment! It's for rent too! 


5. While soaking up my last bits of Summer sun, I read A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. Historic, inspirational, and a great read. The perfect way to end the Summer. Summer will always stay with me...#endlesssummer.