Tips and Tutorials: How To Make Pompoms

However you might say it; pompoms, pompons, or pom poms, I have a simple way to make them! Grab some yarn and a pair of scissors and let's make pompoms! Or pompons! Or pom poms! 


Step 1. Supplies


Pompoms are a great way to use those leftover small balls of yarn after you've completed a project. Its a shame to throw them away but often hard to find a use for them. Yarn and scissors are all we need. 

Step 2. Wrap the yarn


I chose some left over Cascade Ecological Wool that I purchased at Craftsy for this pompom. This yarn is bulky weight and I want a decent sized fluffy pompom. In this instance, I am wrapping the yarn around my four fingers. If you don't wish to use your hand an average kitchen spatula will do the trick. The more you wrap the thicker your pompom will turn out. The width of this finished pompom will be the same width as my 4 fingers held together. 

Step 3. Secure the wrapped yarn


Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off of your fingers. Keep the loop shape and tie a string of the same yarn snuggly around the center of the loop. Leave long ties to secure to your hat or project of choice. You now have a little bundle with looped edges!

Step 4. Cut the loops


Take your scissors and cut through the loop edges. Make sure to cut at the top of the loops. 

Step 5. Check for loops you missed


Loops can be hidden deep, especially in a larger thicker pompom. Look for any you missed. 

Step 6. Even out the pompom shape


Take your pompom and fluff it out to hide the center tie. You can roll it in between your palms to help give it a round shape. At this stage you will have an uneven straggly pompom. Still cute, but she needs a trim! Take your scissors and trim the ends to give your pompom a nice spherical shape.

Step 7. Voila! 


You now have a pompom! Use the long strands from your original tie to attach to your winter tuque! 


Smaller Option


This pompom is with a much lighter weight yarn. I'm using Knit Picks Gloss Fingering left over from a sweater I just finished. For this pompom I am going to use 2 fingers to make a much smaller pompom. If you don't want to use your fingers, you can use a basic fork. Follow the same steps as above.


I think I will use these smaller pompoms for gift wrap toppers! How cute! 

Happy crafting! Feel free to share your creations in the comments below or tag #bobbinsandbombshells in your Instas! 


All photos belong to Bobbins and Bombshells.