Bobbins: Label Love- R & K Original

I’ve sold quite a few R&K Originals over the years and currently have a couple dresses in the shop. This dress company’s focus was fashionable and affordable. They started in the 1930s from two business men; Henry Kalman and David Rosenthal and hence were called the Rosenthal and Kalman Dress Corp. In the mid-1940s they shortened the name to R&K Original. In the early days, Pauline Fracchia was the designer behind the label. She brought a feminine elegance to the line which makes them such wonderful vintage collectibles for an affordable fashion brand. In the 1960’s Jonathan Logan purchased the company which aligned the brand with a more youthful look- think more mod-scooter dresses etc. Today the line is still in business and retails at JC Penney. Here is some eye candy and Fall inspiration from the Pauline Fracchia years:


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Images via Pinterest.