Say It Isn't So! More Blog Awards!

Wow! While I was sending out very late and very much overdue blog awards last week, I received TWO Kreativ Blogger Awards from two very special blogs! One from the brilliant The Girl Can't Help It and the second from the gorgeous Here's Looking Like You, Kid! The idea is to give this award away to 7 blogs I love and list 7 things I love. So here goes it:

The Kreativ Blogger Award goes to:

Things I love:

1.Peonies- my favorite flower!
2.Salty ocean air. I grew up on the coast of Maine.
3.Cooking and Baking. I just love to make things. Sewing, knitting,'s all the same!
4.Card games- always brings good times and laughs!
5.Seafood. All kinds! Love it all! See number 2.
6.Leopard print. I own way too much but could always use more!
7. All of the Seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I love them all! The older I get the more I look forward to the seasonal change.

Congratulations to all of the blogs above!! And BIG THANK YOUS to those of you who have given Bobbins and Bombshells awards! All of you will be linked in my side bar! xoxoox

PS. Hopefully soon all of my computer woes will be ironed out and I will be back to my regular posting schedule as well as listing new items in my shops! Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.