My Vintage Vanity: Hand Painted Mexican Circle Skirt

 I recently wore one of my favorite vintage pieces to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on one of the most sunniest gorgeous days we've had this Spring. This vintage hand painted Mexican circle skirt is amazing. I bought it at Guvnor's in Brooklyn with some vintage trade money.  I am wearing it with a basic white tank- Old Navy, gold sandals- Aerosoles, and my vintage 1960's gold plastic confetti purse. The latter I failed to get a picture of. My apologies, I do not do outfit posts very often. 

The skirt is black linen with amazing hand painted ladies and palms with gold, bronze, silver, blue, white and orange paint. 

Each lady going around the skirt are wearing hand painted circle skirts themselves with white frilly crinolines! 

My vermillion coral pedicure and gold sandal. I love vermillion this season!