Winter Fashion By Decade- 1930's

How did Ladies stay fashionable and warm in the Winter in the 1930's? Let's have a look at part 2 of my series; Winter Fashion By Decade. See the 1920's here.

Fashionable History Winter Fashion By Decade 1930's

These gals look chilly! Long coats were popular baring nude legs. No thick socks or boots! 

Fur is still popular, but not as lush as in the '20's. I love those hats!

Just like in the decade before, skiing is popular. Fashionable sweaters are now really becoming a fashion outside of sports. 

I love these boots and over shoes. I actually remember my Grandmother wearing these in the 70's. I always thought I would get to when I was older. Where can I find these? 

Of course, if you were as glamorous as Marlene Dietrich, this is how you would stay warm.

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Retro Looks in the Modern World: On The Rise

As much as the modern fashion world looks forward it also continually looks back in time. Here we explore Retro Looks in the Modern World.

The glamour of  a 20's or 30's starlet is the focus of this editorial for L'Officiel Paris. I love the retro-glam! 
Model: Naomi Preizler
Photographer: Alexander Neumann

Images via:

Swimwear By Decade- 1930's

In the 1930's sun bathing became more popular as an inexpensive recreation. Athletic swimming and synchronized swimming was also popular. The suits reflect the need to show more skin to the sun and be more streamlined for water sports. Belted maillots were popular with boy cut legs or slim skirts. The exposed v-back was invented and a few daring ladies even exposed their midriffs with the first bikinis. The suits above are from a 1930's catalog. I love the red and white striped one on the right!

Jean Harlow striking a pose. Her suit is very glamorous for the time and shows a lot of skin.

Beach athletics. Notice her V-back and belted waist.

Claudette Colbert looking gorgeous in a simple white classic belted maillot.

This summer my "Fashionable History" segments are on swimwear by decade. To read about the 1920's click here.

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