Bobbins: Leopard Print as a Neutral

Leopard print can often be thought of as a racy and tacky print. And there is a place for that! But it definitely has it's high fashion moments. It seems to be worn best when it is thought of as a neutral, or as just an accent. The Mid-Century wore leopard so very well! Here is some leopard print eye candy from the past!

1960's. Jackie. Full on print here and nothing classier.

1940's. Barbara Stanwyck. Sophistication.

1950's Christian Dior. Timeless.

1951. Sunny Harnett. Leopard with tweed. 

1950's. Ladies Home Journal. 

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Bobbins: Tweed

When ever thoughts of  an ideal Autumn or Winter wardrobe come to mind, as they do this time of year, I gravitate toward tweeds. I love the texture, flecks of color, and sturdy warmth it provides. I also love the classic styling that always looks chic.

Dita Von Teese in vintage Dior. 

Classic Chanel. 1950's. 

Menswear inspired. Biba. 1960's/70's. 

Sears. 1950's. Yes! To each of those pencil skirts!

What fabric are you drawn to time and time again? What is your go to Autumn wardrobe staple?

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Retro Looks In The Modern World: Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011

As much as the modern fashion world looks forward it also continually looks back in time. Here we explore Retro Looks in the Modern World.
The Spring 2011 Christian Dior Couture collection is incredible and filled with retro references.
Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Images via

Retro Looks In The Modern World: Slips

As much as the modern fashion world looks forward it also continually looks back in time. Slips are not an everyday item as they once were but they are still relevant and sexy.

Steven Klein. Vogue February 2010.

Steven Meisel.

Marion Cotillard wearing Dior at the Golden Globes.
Her slip is part of the dress that cleverly peeps out.

Retro Looks In The Modern World: Dior S/S 2010

I nearly died when I saw the Christian Dior Spring 2010 RTW collection shown in Paris earlier this month. Inspired by my favorite loves... film noir, lingerie, and femme fatales... you can see why! Galliano was specifically inspired by Lauren Bacall (image above) and it showed on the runway where the models wore Bacall hair and a serious face. Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection.