Bobbins: Tweed

When ever thoughts of  an ideal Autumn or Winter wardrobe come to mind, as they do this time of year, I gravitate toward tweeds. I love the texture, flecks of color, and sturdy warmth it provides. I also love the classic styling that always looks chic.

Dita Von Teese in vintage Dior. 

Classic Chanel. 1950's. 

Menswear inspired. Biba. 1960's/70's. 

Sears. 1950's. Yes! To each of those pencil skirts!

What fabric are you drawn to time and time again? What is your go to Autumn wardrobe staple?

All images found on Pinterest.


Bombshells: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese came back to NYC with her

Strip Strip Hooray

show and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket! As you may remember I was to go last Halloween but the show was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. It was a fantastic show. The make up ballerina skit shown above was my favorite! 

 I've long been a fan of her incredibly perfect style. Amazing costumes aside, I love to see what she wears off the stage. Below is just a few looks that set her apart and make her one of my top style icons. 


Retro Looks In The Modern World: Gaultier Couture 2010

As much as the modern fashion world looks forward it also continually looks back in time. Here we explore Retro Looks in the Modern World.
Gaultier's Couture runway shown in Paris a few weeks ago was heavily influenced by the 1940's. Strong shoulders, femme fatales, and sculptured hats ruled.


Dita again in the finale showstopper!