Bombshells: Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg went from Iowa to becoming the French New Wave's darling.  While she made movies in Hollywood as well, it is her portrayal of the cool girly-tomboy young American in her French movies that have always inspired me.

She acted from the years of 1957-1976. Her first movie was Otto Preminger's Saint Joan, where she played Joan of Arc. She died in 1979 of an overdose at the age of 40. 

She made the pixie cut chic, well before Mia Farrow. 

Her chicness was in her ability to shine without being over done. 

Capris, chunky knit sweaters, and flats. This was her uniform.

She was truly adorable!

If you haven't seen her in the New Wave classic,


(1960), you simply must! 

Bombshells: Anna Karina

Anna Karina has been an inspiration of mine for a very long time. The Danish actress gained fame in the 1960s starring in several French New Wave films. Her brunette bangs and cat lined eyes is a look I have always fallen back on over the years. Growing up a skinny awkward brunette, when I discovered the French New Wave as a teen I was in heaven. Anna's art house look seemed way more achievable to me then the Bardot's and other blonde icons of her time and mine, who's looks I love but could never emulate. Here are some lovely pictures of Anna Karina to get you through the mid-week!