Bobbins: Leopard Print as a Neutral

Leopard print can often be thought of as a racy and tacky print. And there is a place for that! But it definitely has it's high fashion moments. It seems to be worn best when it is thought of as a neutral, or as just an accent. The Mid-Century wore leopard so very well! Here is some leopard print eye candy from the past!

1960's. Jackie. Full on print here and nothing classier.

1940's. Barbara Stanwyck. Sophistication.

1950's Christian Dior. Timeless.

1951. Sunny Harnett. Leopard with tweed. 

1950's. Ladies Home Journal. 

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Bombshells: Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson

I recently watched one of my favorite films, The Graduate (1967), again. Anne Bancroft who plays Mrs. Robinson has long been one of my style idols. Today, I'm focusing on the many animal print ensembles she wears through out the film. Clever choice, I might add,  for the predatory seductress she plays. 

Vanity Fair leopard bra and half slip, perhaps? 

Leopard collar and hat, at her Daughter's wedding. 

Amazing leopard coat! 

Giraffe skirt! 

The coat again, I can't get enough of it! 

Retro Looks In The Modern World: Pretty Baby

As much as the modern fashion world looks forward it also continually looks back in time. Here we explore Retro Looks in the Modern World.
The September issue of Australian Vogue features model Catherine McNeil in the 1950's rockabilly inspired feature "Pretty Baby". I love the creepers and the leopard print! Vogue liked it so much they put it on the cover (shown above).
Photography by Max Doyle.