Bobbins: Tweed

When ever thoughts of  an ideal Autumn or Winter wardrobe come to mind, as they do this time of year, I gravitate toward tweeds. I love the texture, flecks of color, and sturdy warmth it provides. I also love the classic styling that always looks chic.

Dita Von Teese in vintage Dior. 

Classic Chanel. 1950's. 

Menswear inspired. Biba. 1960's/70's. 

Sears. 1950's. Yes! To each of those pencil skirts!

What fabric are you drawn to time and time again? What is your go to Autumn wardrobe staple?

All images found on Pinterest.


Bombshells: Lucille Ball as a Blonde? As a Brunette?

I love being a brunette. I love having dark hair. But I never feel that I can change hair color that easily or drastically. Models and actresses seem to be able to change on a whim and look great doing it! I recently found these amazing photos, on Pinterest, of Lucille Ball looking gorgeous as a 1930's blonde model, a 1940's Femme Fatale, and as the adorable 1950's red head we love! 

Which look is your favorite? Which hair color would you love to have? And wouldn't it be great to sport a new hair color every decade? 


Bombshells: Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson

I recently watched one of my favorite films, The Graduate (1967), again. Anne Bancroft who plays Mrs. Robinson has long been one of my style idols. Today, I'm focusing on the many animal print ensembles she wears through out the film. Clever choice, I might add,  for the predatory seductress she plays. 

Vanity Fair leopard bra and half slip, perhaps? 

Leopard collar and hat, at her Daughter's wedding. 

Amazing leopard coat! 

Giraffe skirt! 

The coat again, I can't get enough of it! 

Bombshells: Anna Karina

Anna Karina has been an inspiration of mine for a very long time. The Danish actress gained fame in the 1960s starring in several French New Wave films. Her brunette bangs and cat lined eyes is a look I have always fallen back on over the years. Growing up a skinny awkward brunette, when I discovered the French New Wave as a teen I was in heaven. Anna's art house look seemed way more achievable to me then the Bardot's and other blonde icons of her time and mine, who's looks I love but could never emulate. Here are some lovely pictures of Anna Karina to get you through the mid-week!

Bombshells: Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8

Bombshells: Blonde Bette Davis