Bobbins: Leopard Print as a Neutral

Leopard print can often be thought of as a racy and tacky print. And there is a place for that! But it definitely has it's high fashion moments. It seems to be worn best when it is thought of as a neutral, or as just an accent. The Mid-Century wore leopard so very well! Here is some leopard print eye candy from the past!

1960's. Jackie. Full on print here and nothing classier.

1940's. Barbara Stanwyck. Sophistication.

1950's Christian Dior. Timeless.

1951. Sunny Harnett. Leopard with tweed. 

1950's. Ladies Home Journal. 

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Bobbins: Tweed

When ever thoughts of  an ideal Autumn or Winter wardrobe come to mind, as they do this time of year, I gravitate toward tweeds. I love the texture, flecks of color, and sturdy warmth it provides. I also love the classic styling that always looks chic.

Dita Von Teese in vintage Dior. 

Classic Chanel. 1950's. 

Menswear inspired. Biba. 1960's/70's. 

Sears. 1950's. Yes! To each of those pencil skirts!

What fabric are you drawn to time and time again? What is your go to Autumn wardrobe staple?

All images found on Pinterest.


Bombshells: Sophia Loren

Sophia is a true bombshell, in the classic sense of the word. She's most known for her curves and those eyes but she also has sense of style that enhanced her god-given features. 

Born Sofia Scicolone in Italy in 1934, she started her career at the age of 14 when she entered a beauty pageant. She didn't win, but it did lead to acting lessons. She got bit parts here and there until the 1950's when she signed a 5 picture contract with Paramount that launched her international career. She then changed her name to Sophia Loren. 

She was the first woman to win a Best Actress Oscar in a foreign language film for the film

Two Women

in 1962. 

Here she is with Clark Gable in

It Started in Naples (1959).

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age." - Sophia Loren

Winter Fashion By Decade- 1950's

This is the fourth installment of the Winter Fashion by Decade series. The fabulous 1950's! In case you are just joining us now, click the links to see the 1920's1930's, and the 1940's. Next week will be the final decade- the 1960's!

Wool suits are popular, especially incorporating classic textiles like tweed. Fur is still important, especially for accessories. 

I love this! A great illustration of the various hats and the popular youthful look of the '50's. 

Winter sports are popular. I love that they skiied in regular clothes! Yet, they are still very stylish!

Mink, mink, mink! You had to have a mink! Especially given to you by your husband! 

 Early 1950's coats. I love all of the different silhouette options! 

One of each, please! 

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Winter Fashion By Decade- 1930's

How did Ladies stay fashionable and warm in the Winter in the 1930's? Let's have a look at part 2 of my series; Winter Fashion By Decade. See the 1920's here.

Fashionable History Winter Fashion By Decade 1930's

These gals look chilly! Long coats were popular baring nude legs. No thick socks or boots! 

Fur is still popular, but not as lush as in the '20's. I love those hats!

Just like in the decade before, skiing is popular. Fashionable sweaters are now really becoming a fashion outside of sports. 

I love these boots and over shoes. I actually remember my Grandmother wearing these in the 70's. I always thought I would get to when I was older. Where can I find these? 

Of course, if you were as glamorous as Marlene Dietrich, this is how you would stay warm.

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