Bombshells: Bunny Yeager

I've been wanting to feature Bunny Yeager on my Style Icon series for quite a while now. Upon hearing the sad news last night that she passed away in Florida at the age of 85, I set out to not waste any more time. 

Bunny was born Linnea Eleanor Yeager in Pennsylvania. Her family moved to Miami when she was 17. With her 5'9" frame, she quickly became a sought after model. 

Her interests didn't stop there. She soon went behind the camera. She loved to photograph nudes and women in bikinis that she would make herself. Being a woman and used to being on the other side of the camera, she made it easy for her subjects to pose. Bettie Page is her most famous model. She helped launch Bettie's career showing a softer side, than the bondage photos she had previously taken in New York. 

I really love her self portraits. Bunny is gorgeous and embodies the complete look of her photography. You get the feeling that it was a complete lifestyle. Her photos are not contrived. 

With her bleach blonde looks she is the epitome of 1950's beach style. 

Beyond her style, Bunny will always remain an inspiration. 

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Bobbins: Photographer John Rawlings

John Rawlings was one of the most prolific fashion photographers of the Mid-Century. In a career spanning from the 1930's through the 1960's he shot over 200 covers for Vogue and Glamour. He experimented with light, color, and shadow much like his contemporaries at the time (Horst P. Horst, Irving Penn, and Hoyningen-Heune) but unlike them, he brought a truly American sensibility to his photos. This became one of the smartest moves Conde-Nast would make helping define the American look in fashion over several decades. 

These are some of my favorites. It was really hard to choose!