Winter Fashion By Decade- 1930's

How did Ladies stay fashionable and warm in the Winter in the 1930's? Let's have a look at part 2 of my series; Winter Fashion By Decade. See the 1920's here.

Fashionable History Winter Fashion By Decade 1930's

These gals look chilly! Long coats were popular baring nude legs. No thick socks or boots! 

Fur is still popular, but not as lush as in the '20's. I love those hats!

Just like in the decade before, skiing is popular. Fashionable sweaters are now really becoming a fashion outside of sports. 

I love these boots and over shoes. I actually remember my Grandmother wearing these in the 70's. I always thought I would get to when I was older. Where can I find these? 

Of course, if you were as glamorous as Marlene Dietrich, this is how you would stay warm.

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Winter Fashion By Decade- 1920's

Brrrr! It's freezing this winter! When it's cold like this, I live in sweaters, hats and scarves and static un-styled hair. An injection of vintage in my daily life hardly appears. Unlike the Summer when retro dresses are a plenty! That got me thinking more and more about what was fashionable, in the past, in the Winter. Perhaps, I need some inspiration. So for the next few weeks, we are going to explore Winter Fashion By Decade. 

Women in the 1920's hardly seem bothered by the cold. Silk and knit underwear was popular as well as layers of wool and velvet. 

Wool velour and fur trim! These coats do look warm and glamorous! No goose down and polartec, though like we have today.

The Collegiate sportswear look was becoming popular outside of sports for the first time, as well as on the slopes. Women could be casual in sweaters, tweeds, and argyles during the day.

But of course, glamour girls have got to be glamorous. The bigger the fur trim the better! Many furs popular in the 1920's have become extinct or protected.

Louise Brooks, giving us the ultimate in 1920's winter glamour. I need that coat!

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