Welcome to  Bobbins & Bombshells! 


Hello and thank you for visiting my shop and blog! My name is Karen and I’ve been collecting vintage since I was a teenager in the 1980s. True fact: I still own and wear vintage pieces I bought with my baby sitting money in 1988. Clothing holds memories, nostalgia, and emotion. Take care of the clothes you love, and they will travel with you through time!

My love of vintage fashion first started while watching classic Hollywood films with my mother. Hitchcock and Doris Day comedies were a regular viewing in our household. I quickly gravitated towards the impeccable fashions. This led me to further investigate Film Noir, Pre-Code, and all of the classics. From there I moved into a general interest in fashion and moved to New York City to study fashion design. After earning my BFA at Parsons I worked in the industry for several years. Eventually, I opened my own indie brick & mortar boutique where I sold vintage and handmade designer fashion. In 2008, I closed up my shop and started my blog; Bobbins & Bombshells to share my love of vintage inspiration, fashion history, and more! I couldn’t stay away from collecting vintage and the blog has morphed into the online shop that your are visiting today.

I can’t keep it all so I’m thrilled to help find these collections a new home. I look for items that I personally love, have a historic value, and that are also wearable. Fashion should be enjoyed and showed off.

I’m also here to help! Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if I find it!


Karen LaPorte ( owner, vintage huntress)